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Future to Present in a Blink of an Eye

Future to Present in a Blink of an Eye

September 21, 2020
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2020 so far has been a year filled with countless twists and turns. It has been amazing to watch how companies such as Zoom Video Communications, which for the most part was virtually unknown at the beginning of 2019 and by mid-year 2020 they were a household name. It seems like we have pulled a three to five year transition embracing new technologies to present day. This has caused chaos and disruption for many industries however it often leads to opportunities. Tens of thousands of workers are currently displaced which will lead to learning and acquiring new skills that will continue to drive innovation here in America.

We will see new companies emerge at a faster pace and they will replace old leaders just like we have seen in past market cycles. This time around, it will happen much quicker because we are more comfortable with changing technologies that improve our lives. It is important that your investment portfolio remains relevant to market leadership. We, Americans, have never been afraid to innovate, create and lead. That is one of the many reasons the best is yet to come for our country.