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Owning Growth Companies Through Volatile Markets

Owning Growth Companies Through Volatile Markets

September 10, 2020
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How do you own growth companies such as Amazon, Zoom and DocuSign that have already appreciated double and triple digits this year? At Lawson Winchester Wealth Management (LWWM), we believe in having a defined exit strategy before you commit to establishing a position in a company. It is important to have the appropriate size in each position along with knowing where you are going to sell your position.

We combine a century worth of research data that is based on fundamental and technical analysis to give clients the highest probability of success. We believe that minimizing downside volatility will increase our clients chances of realizing their goals and dreams.

The last week of August Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spoke after the Fed meeting. He was clear in his message to own assets and reduce U.S. dollar exposure. What does that mean? In short, own appreciable assets like real estate, stocks, and collectibles and expect items to cost more for U.S. consumers going forward. The Federal Reserve is embarking on an aggressive strategy to increase the rate of inflation. As always we want to monitor and adjust client portfolios to reflect the current and future outlook of market conditions.