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Will April Showers Bring May Flowers?

April was our first down month since October 2023.  The primary cause for the April decline was the uncertainty around Fed policy.  Will the Fed lower, raise, or maintain current interest rates?  That is the focus of the stock and bond market today.  The last couple of inflation readings have come in above expectations but well below where they were in the summer of 2023.  Few things move in a straight line up or down and inflation is no different.  While no one likes higher prices, we believe that as more supply chains come online prices will unevenly decline across the board except for the food service industry.  Those prices are likely to remain higher for longer.  We are of the opinion the Fed will not raise nor lower interest rates this year. 

Corporate earnings continue to come in above average for many companies reporting this quarter.  A common theme is embracing Artificial Intelligence and therefore spending more money to integrate it into their businesses.  Companies that stand to benefit the most from the AI buildout are semiconductors and software companies that help their customers analyze data. 


Overall, we are optimistic and expect positive equity returns throughout 2024. 




Lawson Winchester Team 

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